Port size: M5 x 0.8, Rc 1/8
With angle adjusting screw: 1 MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature: 0~60 ℃
Bore: Ф15, Ф18, Ф21, Ф25, Ф28, Ф32, Ф40
Bore (mm)1020305070100200
Operation Fulid Air ( Non-lub)
Operation Double Acting
Max. Operation PressureWith angle adjusting screw 1 MPa
With hydralic Cushion 0.6 MPa
Min. Operation Pressure 0.1 MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature 0~60 °C
Cushion Rubber Buffer (Standard)/ Hydralic cushioning device (Optional)
FunctionWith angle adjusting screw 0.007J 0025J 0.048 J 0.081J 0.24J 0.32J 0.56J
With hydralic Cushion 0.039J 0.116J 0.294J 1.1J 1.6J 2.9J
Angle adjusting range 0~190o
Max. rotating angle 190°
Steady rotating Time rangeWith angle adjusting screw 0.2~1.0s/90o 0.2~1.5s/90o 0.2~2.0s/90o 0.2~2.5s/90o
With hydralic Cushion 0.2~0.7s/90o 0.2~1.0s/90o
Bore Ф15 Ф18 Ф21 | Ф25 Ф28 Ф32 | Ф40
Port Size M5 x 0.8 Rc1/8