ac bc
Port size: G 1/8”, G 1/4”, G 3/8", G 1/2"
Max. Adjustable Pressure: 0.95 MPa
Working temp. 5~60 ℃
Working mednium Air
Operating Fluid Air
Port Size G 1/8" G 1/4" G 1/4" G 3/8" G 1/2"
Filter Precision 40 m
Range of Adjustable Pressure 0.05-0.85 MPa
Max. Adjustable Pressure 0.95 MPa
Ensured Pressure Resistance 1.5 MPa
Operating Temperature Range 5-60 ℃
Capacity of Filter Cup 15 cc 60 cc
Capacity of oil Cup 25 cc 90 cc
Suggested Lubricating oil ISO VG 32 or Same Grade Oil
Weight 0.7 KG 0.9 KG
MaterialBody Aluminum Die-casting Forming
Container Cup PC
Protective Cover - Iron
Composed ElementsFilter Regulator AF1500 AF2000 BF2000 BF3000 BF4000
Regulator AR1500 AR2000 BR2000 BR3000 BR4000
Lubricator AL1500 AL2000 BL2000 BL3000 BL4000