al bl
Port size G 1/8”, G 1/4”, G 3/8", G 1/2"
Operating Fluid 1.5 MPa
Ensured Pressure Resistance 5~60 ℃
Operating Fluid Air
Model   AL1500 AL2000 BL2000 BL3000 BL4000
Operating Fluid   Air  
Port Size   G 1/8" G 1/4" G 1/4" G 3/8" G 1/2"
Range of Adjustable Pressure 1.5 MPa  
Ensured Pressure Resistance   5-60 °C  
Operating Temperature Range ISO VG’32 or Same Grade Oil  
Capacity of Filter Cup 25 cc 90 cc  
Weight   017 KG 0.25 KG
  Body Aluminum Die-casting Forming  
Material Container Cup   PC
  Protective Cover   Iron