Zawory elektromagnetyczne DF

Series pilot operated liquid solenoid valve

Body: cast iron
Orifice Φ [mm]: 40 ~ 150
Pressure: 0,3 ~ 8 bar
Pipe connection:  
Flange: DN40~DN150
Media: water, hot water, air, gas, oil
Type: normally close

1: Max operation pressure: 8bar
2: Operating pressure differential: 0.3-8bar (Φ3, Φ5Direct acting 0~6 bar)
3: Ambient temperature: -10°C-50°C
4: Fluid media temperature: 0°C-75°C
5: Voltage: AC:380V;220V;38V/50Hz DC:12V;24;110V;220V
6: Insulation class: B class
7: Power consumption: Φ45-Φ20 12w Φ25-Φ100 15w Φ1255-Φ150 30w,
8: Coil temperature rising: -15% - 10%
9: Coil temperature rising: +10% to -10% applicable voltage
10: fluid media: liquids, air, light oil <20CST
11: Mounting position: flow as arrow, solenoid vertical and upright direction.
12 Response time: Φ3~Φ50≤1s Closed≤2s ; Φ65~Φ150≤3s Closed≤ 5s