Zawory elektromagnetyczne SLP

 2/2-way direct acting solenoid valve

Body: brass,  stainless steel 316
Orifice Φ [mm]: 3 ~ 6
Pressure: 0 ~ 10 bar
Pipie connection: 1/8" ~ 1/2", 1/8" ~ 1/4"
Medium: water, hot water, air, gas, oil
Type: normally close, normalyl open

1: 2-Way normally dosed solenoid valve, Closed when de-energized, open when energized.
2: Serialized products, small in size, large flow rate, widely use
3: Body material: forged brass.316 stainless steel.
4: Ambient Temp. 0-65°C, Fluids Temp 0-130°C
5: Flow as the arrow, mounts in any position; Best position is solenoid vertical and upright direction.
6: Voltage: 220VAC/230VAC/240VAC/110VAC/24VAC 50/60HZ 24VDC/12VDC; Voltage Tolerance: +10% to -10% applicable voltage
7: This series valves are offered NBR, V1TON, EPDM etc for Seals and diaphragm to provide on-off control of various fluids.