Zawór spustowy SBD

Timing of Drainage Solenoid Valve SBD


Body material Brass
Type 2-way NC direct acting
Fluid Temp. 80 °C
Orifice 3 mm
Working Pressure 0 ~ 16 bar
Pipe size GZ 1/2" x GW 1/2''
Interval time 0,5 ~ 45 min.
Discharge time 0,5 ~ 10 sec.
Voltage 24 ~ 240 V AC/DC ±10%
Power 22 VA
IP level IP65
Connector DIN43650A
Shell material ABS

Universal electronic drain valve in analog circuit solid match the solenoidvalve, electronic timer implementation to the timing of condensed water from compressed air system auto emissions. Drying machine is widely used in filter separator gasholder dripping feet, compressed air system components. Discharge time can be adjusted according to different needs.