Zawory elektromagnetyczne SLH

2/2-way high temperature solenoid valve

Body: brass, stainless steel 306 lub 316
Temp. 225 °C
Orifice Φ [mm]: 15 ~ 50, 2.5 ~ 40
Pressure: 0,5 ~ 25 bar
Pipe connection: 3/8" ~ 2"
Media: couple, water, hot water, air, gas, oil
Flange: DN25~DN50
Type: normally close

SLH 2/2 way normally dosed ,high temperature solenoid valve series , its a common operator in the automatic control system ; adpot the pilot valve , radiator , the pistons(main valve) to be a combination structure design , energized open , de-energized dosed . Mainly used in the automatic open/closed in the pipeline of steam , heat-conducting oil etc high-temperature media So as to achieve the procedure control or long-distance control of systems and equipment