Zawory elektromagnetyczne DMF

Right angle type electromagnetic pulse solenoid valve

Body: aluminum
Orifice Φ [mm]: 20 ~ 50
Pressure: 0 ~ 10 bar
Pipe connection: 3/4" ~ 2"
Media: air, inert gases
Type: normally close

Product Purpose
Pulse solenoid valve (also called diaphragm valve),it is the "switch" . Injection control instrument by pulse output signal of the control of the the filter bag one row (room) Injection out dust. Make the resistance of the filter to keep in the scope of the set inside, in order to ensure that the filter processing power and dust collecting efficiency. DMF-Z type pulse valve as right Angle type valve, The Angle between import and export is 90 °C , Suitable for air bag dust and the installation of the wind spray connection. Airflow unobstructed, can to meet the requirements of the clear grey gas pulse.